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A stage bikini is a very important part of your stage performance. In any ‘model’ category where you are marked on your performance, presence and overall marketable look the right bikini can not be underestimated.

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Allure Couture



Yep… it’s true. I want to know everything about you. From your inspiration to get into the best shape of your life, to the occasion you are planning for, right down to your favourite colours and if you have a really unhealthy obsession with butterflies, cats or heck even skulls ( if so I applaud you by the way ).

It’s all relevant and helps me to create something unique to you. I adore hearing about your journey so far as well as your aspirations for the future…

So how does it work Lucy?

Step One
Book your Skype design consultation below, or email to see me face-to-face in my design studio.

Step Two
We chat ALL ABOUT YOU – from what got you into fitness, your inspirations, your favourite colours and what kind of sparkle makes you giddy!

Step Three

Step Four
I design and create your bikini and keep you updated on the way. I love to send you little videos of your bikini being made!

Step Five
I send the final design video to you and securely post your bikini, or you can come and see me in person and collect your new bikini.

Step Six
We both have some happy tears seeing you on stage wearing your bespoke bikini and feel proud of our journey together.

Allure Couture

Pre Loved Bikinis

Pre loved bikinis, a place to sell or buy a loved bikini that needs to see the stage again. After the glitz and lights of show day some bikini’s are left hanging in a wardrobe or in a box. We find this very sad. Show bikinis are made to be on stage.

See all the Pre Loved bikinis here and let them shine on stage once more and hear the cheer of the crowd. A retired bikini is a sad bikini.

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