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12th June 2016

So Sweet Potato Toast Is a Thing Now

From Dr. Oz The Good Life In quite possibly the best food news ever, there’s a new sweet potato cooking technique taking over that isn’t so […]
16th June 2016

2 genius ways to keep avocados from browning

AP Images You cut your avocado in half and you realize that you don’t want the whole thing. So how do you keep the avocado from […]
28th June 2016

The difference between a fitness model show and a bodybuilding show?

For the last few years I have been shocked and taken aback with the number of people that do not know the difference between a fitness […]
2nd August 2016

Reverse Dieting

Post comp blues is a real thing. After months of focus and dedication you don’t ‘have’ to train or eat clean. What I’ve seen happen as […]