What are the show dates for 2017?

Pure Elite has 4 shows in 2017:

  • Margate 1st April – Pro/AM
  • Middleton, Greater Manchester 1st July
  • Estonia 6th May
  • Margate, 28th Ocotber – World Championships, Pro/Am

Pure Elite Sanctioned shows in 2017:

  • Physiques  – Dorchester  20th  August
  • Diamonds – Wycombe 10th September

How do I enter?

Click here and then select the show you wish to enter.

What bikini do I wear?

Every category apart from Figure you must wear a two piece. For figure you must wear a figure suit (cross over around the back).

Failure to wear the correct bikini will result in you being marked down.

I do not have a PayPal account, how do I pay?

You do not need a PayPal account to register. PayPal are the merchant just like any other bank. When you are transferred to the PayPal screen select pay with card instead of pay with PayPal.

What heels do I wear?

There are no rules on what heels you should wear or what heel height. Find a shoe that suits your bikini and that you can walk in confidently.

Can my trainer/coach/friend come back stage?

No one apart from athletes, team members and VIP ticket holders can go back stage. Your trainer/coach/friend can purchase a backstage access. These tickets sell out fast and cost £50. Contact the venue to purchase.

What shorts do I wear?

Guy’s you must wear swimwear shorts and not beach/board shorts. For bodybuilding it must be a posing pouch.

Failure to wear the correct shorts will result in you being marked down.

Can I compete at other non Pure Elite shows

Yes of course you can. Firstly, it is illegal to stop you and secondly why would anyone want to stop you from competing in as many shows as you want.

We recommend the Coleman Classic brought to you by Tom Coleman, Stewart Armstrong and Janine Marie. For more information on the Coleman Classic please click here.

Refunds, Transfers, Changes of category and information

All places are non-refundable or transferable. You have a 7 day full money back guarantee from the date that you submit this form (make payment) to cancel and receive a full refund. After the 7 day period you will not be entitled to a refund.

To change the category you are competing in incurs a £20 administration fee, this is to cover the cost of re printing all show information and the time it takes to do so.

The opportunity to change categories closes 10 days before the show date

I haven’t received any emails from you?

Sometimes our emails can end up in your junk inbox or stuck in your spam filters. Please check these to make sure our emails are not there. To prevent this from happening, please add info@pure-elite.com to your safe sender list, this should ensure you receive our emails.

When is registration & the athletes meeting?

Registration and the athletes meeting will be held the day before all of our shows. You will need to make yourself available from 1pm onwards. You will NOT be able to register on show day.

Do I need to bring my own music?

Figure and Bodybuilding categories need to supply music for their posing routines. All other athletes competing in other categories do NOT need to provide their own music.

What time do I go on stage and what is the running order?

Pure Elite is a live show, so for this reason we do not provide you with a time that you will be on stage. We can give you an indication through out the day on show day.

You will be provided the running order on Media day at registration/athletes meeting.

How and who do I book my Tan and Makeup for the show?

We are happy to announce that our official Beauty Team at all Pure Elite related shows are the Angels.

The Angels will be the only tanning team and make up team that will have access to the venues we hold our shows at. You can book in with them via the Pure Elite website please click here

You will need to book your tan ahead of show day and will not be able to book it on show day.

Now that I have registered how will I be kept informed of what is happening on Media day and  Show day?

We keep athletes informed ahead of show day via email, and our Pure Elite Family  group on Facebook. Please ensure you add info@pure-elite.com to your safe sender list to make sure you receive our emails. To join our Facebook family group head to Facebook and type in Pure Elite Family in to the search bar and invite your self to join.

I am a Pro with another federation can I compete in your Pro Division?

No, only Pure Elite Pro’s can compete in the Pro Division.

What is a T-Walk?

A T-Walk is performed by all Model Categories (except athletes in the Figure and bodybuilding categories)

Please see the below diagram

Where can I find the criteria for the categories?


Please click here 

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