Running Order UK Champs 24

Find below the running order for this year UK Pro/Am Championships 2024

Amateur Male Tattooed Fitness Model

Pro Male Tattooed Fitness Model

Amateur Tattooed Muscle Physique

Pro Tattooed Muscle Physique

Amateur Tattooed Bikini Model

Pro Tattooed Bikini Model

Amateur Female Tattooed Fitness Model

Pro Female Tattooed Fitness Model

Amateur Bikini Model 45+

Pro Bikini Model 45 +

Amateur Male Fitness Model 45+

Pro Male Fitness Model 45+

Amateur Female Fitness Model 45+

Pro Female Fitness Model 45+

Amateur Male Fitness Model 35+

Pro Male Fitness Model 35+

Amateur Female Fitness Model 35+

Pro Female Fitness Model 35+

Amateur Men’s Physique 35+

Pro Men’s Physique 35+

Amateur Bikini Model 35+

Pro Bikini Model 35+

Amateur Muscle Physique 35+

Pro Muscle Physique 35+

Amateur Bikini 17-23

Pro Bikini Model 17-23

Amateur Mums That Lift

Pro Mums That Lift




Amateur Athletic Physique

Pro Athletic Physique

Amateur Bikini Wellness

Pro Bikini Wellness

Amateur Men’s Physique

Pro Men’s Physique

Amateur Bikini Model Short

Amateur Bikini Model Tall

Pro Bikini Model

Amateur Bikini Fitness

Pro Bikini Fitness

Amateur Male Fitness Model Under 75kg

Amateur Male Fitness Model Over 75kg

Pro Male Fitness Model

Amateur Female Fitness Short

Amateur Female Fitness Model Tall

Pro Female Fitness Model

Amateur Muscle Physique

Pro Muscle Physique

Amateur Wellness

Pro Wellness

Amateur Classic Physique

Pro Classic Physique

Amateur International Female Model Round 1

Pro International Female Model Round 1




Amateur International Female Model Round 2

Pro International Female Model Round 2

Male Transformation

Female Transformation