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Backstage Access

Backstage Access

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The back stage area is only for athletes and the Pure Elite Team. We do understand that some people would like a family member, friend, coach etc backstage with them. As you can imagine every venue has a limit to the number of people that can go back stage, plus the health and safety regulations that have to be followed, imagine if everyone wanted someone back stage with them. We have to know the names of EVERY single person that is in the back stage.

We can provide a number of back stage access passes for anyone that really wants someone with them.

Things to note

You can not take a tanner or a MUA back stage with you. They will not be on the venues insurance and if they spill tan, break something or stab someone in the eye with an eye liner. Then there is no insurance, which I am sure you understand is a huge issue. We don’t like having rules but the liability and risk of this means we will have to ask the athlete and the tanner/MUA to leave the building immediately.

If you purchase a back stage access pass you still need a ticket from the venue to get into the building. This is sold by the venue and not by Pure Elite. Make sure you get your spectator ticket from the venue.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email conformation the week before the show which you will need to bring with you on show day to pick up your back stage access pass.

You will pick up your back stage pass on show day.


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