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Pure Elite

Stage Video

Stage Video

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You will receive the stage footage from every category you competed in, plus 1 portrait style video or reel for social media with copyright free music (if you have a preference for which category let us know – If you do not indicate a preference then we will pick for you).

You will be sent your video footage by email, we use dropbox or wetransfer, you click the link and download. You will need to download from a PC/MAC/LAPTOP

You will not be able to download to a phone/tablet/ipad

Can you share the video footage on social media?

You can not share the whole category on social media. Two reasons – The background music will get flagged for copyright and the full video will be flagged by us as copyright. Just the same if you purchase a film and share all of it on social media.

You can clip and edit all the parts that feature you and add to social media. You can find loads of apps for that. You can use the social media friendly version that we send to you.

You can not sell or pass the whole video on to someone else. You are paying for the right for you to watch and edit the video only. If you share that is a breach of our copyright and basically the same as pirating a film. lets not be silly, we don’t want to go down that road.

You will receive your order around 4 weeks after the show, the editing process takes a long time.


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