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Bikini Pro Interview - Beverley Hart

Interview with Beverley Hart

Pure Elite: Welcome, Beverley, can you tell us what categories you compete in?

Beverley Hart: I compete in Bikini Over 35, Bikini Open, and Bikini Fitness.

Pure Elite: What motivates you to compete in a bodybuilding federation?

Beverley Hart: Working towards a goal and setting high standards for myself keeps me motivated.

Pure Elite: Can you share a significant moment from your fitness journey that stands out to you?

Beverley Hart: Winning first place in Amateur Bikini Over 35 in my first competition was a significant moment for me.

Pure Elite: Who or what inspires you to keep pushing towards your goals?

Beverley Hart: I'm inspired by always striving to be a better version of myself.

Pure Elite: What advice would you give to someone about to compete at Pure Elite?

Beverley Hart: Live in the moment and enjoy every second of it.

Pure Elite: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your fitness journey, and how did you overcome it?

Beverley Hart: Anxiety has been a challenge, especially when it affects my eating and hitting macros. I stay focused on my goals, remain positive, and keep fighting through it.

Pure Elite: Is this your first Pure Elite Pro Show?

Beverley Hart: No, it’s not.

Pure Elite: Why did you choose to compete with Pure Elite?

Beverley Hart: The community spirit drew me in!

Pure Elite: What has been the highlight of your experience competing with Pure Elite so far?

Beverley Hart: The people I've met along the way have been the highlight.

Pure Elite: How would you describe the community and support you’ve experienced with Pure Elite?

Beverley Hart: Incredible! Everyone is supportive and welcoming, and you never feel alone throughout the process.

Pure Elite: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s World Championships?

Beverley Hart: I'm looking forward to seeing my progress since the last competition and reconnecting with people.

Pure Elite: What would you say to someone considering competing at Pure Elite?

Beverley Hart: Absolutely go for it!

Pure Elite: Is there any Pure Elite Pro you would like to compete against?

Beverley Hart: I try not to focus on who I'm against; it’s me against me.

Follow Beverley Hart's journey on Instagram @Beverley_bikinipro as she gets ready to compete at this years Pro/Am World Championships on the 9th November

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Photographer: Creative Instincts

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