Interview with a Bikini Pro - Katie Cooper

Interview with a Bikini Pro - Katie Cooper

Pure Elite: Welcome, Katie! Can you tell us what categories you compete in?

Katie: I compete in Bikini, Bikini Tattoo, and International Model.

Pure Elite: What motivates you to compete in bodybuilding?

Katie: The whole process—the challenge, the discipline, and the results, motivate me.

Pure Elite: Can you share a significant moment from your fitness journey that stands out to you?

Katie: Making it to my first stage debut in 2022 was a significant moment for me.

Pure Elite: Who or what inspires you to keep pushing towards your goals?

Katie: My coach and all the girls and boys I meet on my journey inspire me.

Pure Elite: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to compete in bodybuilding or with Pure Elite?

Katie: Get a coach, watch a show, try a shoot prep, and then go for it!

Pure Elite: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in your fitness journey, and how did you overcome it?

Katie: My back injury in 2023 was a big challenge. I’m grateful for my knowledge of the injury and my body, which helped me know what I can and can’t do with my training and lifestyle. Although I'm not out of the woods yet, if it wasn't for my fitness and strength from bodybuilding, and the support from my medical consultation team and my coach Josh, it’s highly unlikely I’d have made it to the stage in 2024.

Pure Elite: Is this your first Pure Elite Pro Show?

Katie: No, it’s not.

Pure Elite: Why did you choose to compete with Pure Elite?

Katie: My coach and friend, Josh-Blue, inspired me. I’ve watched his journey on the Pure Elite stage from amateur to pro and becoming a 4x world champion. When I decided it was the right time for me to try a prep and compete, there wasn’t another show I wanted to try.

Pure Elite: What has been the highlight of your experience competing with Pure Elite so far?

Katie: Turning pro in 2022 and my pro debut in 2023. I absolutely winged my international model round, making my new routine up with insomnia and sending my parents on a balloon and confetti run the morning of the show.

Pure Elite: How would you describe the community and support you’ve experienced with Pure Elite?

Katie: I have made so many friends competing. Even though you’re sharing the stage against each other, you share the experience, the highs, the lows, and the workshops prior to and during show day.

Pure Elite: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s World Championships?

Katie: Bringing my best package yet!

Pure Elite: What would you say to someone considering competing at Pure Elite?

Katie: Come and watch a show, join the workshops and meet-up days. If you’re after a fun-filled show day with old and new friends backstage, it’s for you.

Pure Elite: Is there any Pure Elite Pro you would like to compete against?

Katie: I try not to think about who I am against; it’s me against me.

Follow Katie's journey on Instagram @co07pes as she prepares to compete at this year’s Pro/Am World Championships on 9th November.

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