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Pure Elite

Bikini Fitness - UK Championships

Bikini Fitness - UK Championships

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Pure Elite Bikini Fitness is NEW for 2024

Athletes will have good visible muscle tone with good physique balance and symmetry.  


Athletes perform an I-Walk with 3 poses of choice, ending with a back pose.

Followed by the comparison round with mandatory poses.

  • Front: T pose with one hand on hip or both hands down by your side
  • Side: Side standard pose with your leg closest to the judges straight and the opposite hand on the hip/waist.
  • Back: Power pose. Hands on the waist.

Criteria for Bikini

  • I-Walk
  • Comparison round with mandatory poses
  • Overall healthy look
  • Overall stage presentation
  • Physique symmetry
  • Balance of physique
  • Abdominals for bikini
  • Body fat for Bikini
  • Matching Bikini criteria

What to wear

  • Two piece bikini
  • Must wear heels
  • No boots 
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