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Pure Elite

Classic Physique - UK Championships

Classic Physique - UK Championships

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Pure Elite Classic Physique

Looking for that classic bodybuilding look from the 70s to early 80s

Every competitor must wear black speedo style shorts. No white or colour logo's.

Athletes walk out individually and perform an I walk with free posing.

Then athletes are called forward together and line up at the front of the stage ready for their quarter turns.

Followed by comparison round with mandatory posing.

6 mandatory poses - front double bicep, side chest, rear double bicep, abdominals and thighs, classic pose of choice.

Fists can be open, closed or one of each.


  • Symmetry
  • Proportions
  • Physique Balance
  • Good definition but not crazy lean
  • Good Muscularity (size of muscle mass) But not extreme like a modern day bodybuilder 
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