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Mums That Lift - UK Championships

Mums That Lift - UK Championships

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There is no specific physique requirement for this category. The judging is based on body balance, proportions and symmetry.


Athletes perform an I-walk with free posing

Followed by the comparison round with mandatory poses.

  • Front: Standard front pose with one hand on hip or both hands by the side of the body. 
  • Side: Side standard pose with your leg closest to the judges straight and the opposite hand on the hip/waist.
  • Back: Back pose with hands on the thighs. No hands out to the side and no bending over.

Criteria for Mums That Lift.

  • Stage presence
  • Stage confidence
  • T-Walk
  • Poses
  • Overall physique
  • Muscle symmetry
  • Balance of physique (taking into account the Wellness Categories)
  • Hair and makeup
  • Tan
  • Overall look
  • Quarter turns
  • Marketable look

What to wear

  • Two piece bikini
  • Must wear heels
  • No boots

Scoring is split 70% physique based, 25% posing based, 5% other

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