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Pure Elite

Athletic Physique - World Championships

Athletic Physique - World Championships

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The Pure Elite Athletic Physique category is aimed at guys who prefer a physique which is more athletic looking and not as bulky and big as say the muscle physique category. Athletes with have a well balanced physique and good overall symmetry. We are not looking for you to be extra lean, you will have a healthy looking physique and have visible abs.


Athletes perform an I-Walk with 3 poses of choice (Free posing).

Followed by comparison round with mandatory poses

  • Front pose straight on hands at your side
  • Side pose with left hand on hip and right leg slightly out to the back
  • Back pose double bicep
  • Side pose with right hand on hip and left leg slightly out to the back

    Criteria for Athletic Physique

    • I-Walk
    • Overall look
    • Quarter turns
    • Overall healthy look
    • Tan
    • Overall stage presentation
    • Physique symmetry
    • Balance of physique
    • Stage confidence
    • Abdominals for Athletic Physique
    • Marketable look
    • Body fat for Athletic Physique
    • Matching Athletic criteria

    What to wear?

    • Swim wear shorts
    • Barefooted

    Scoring is split 70% physique based, 25% posing based, 5% other

    *Athletic Physique used to be called beach body.

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