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Bikini Wellness - UK Championships

Bikini Wellness - UK Championships

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The Bikini Wellness category is for ladies that normally would compete in the bikini category but their physique is not balanced. Glutes and Quads will have a few percent more body fat compared to Bikini athletes. Physique will be out of proportion compared to top half, bottom heavy so to speak. Abs should be slightly visible.


Athletes perform an I-Walk with 3 poses of choice, ending with a back pose.

Followed by the comparison round with mandatory poses.

  • Front: T pose with one hand on hip or both hands by the side of the body.
  • Side: Side standard pose with your leg closest to the judges straight and the opposite hand on the hip/waist.
  • Back: Back pose with hands on the thighs. No hands out to the side and no bending over.

Criteria for Bikini

  • I-Walk
  • Overall look
  • Quarter turns
  • Overall healthy look
  • Tan
  • Overall stage presentation
  • Physique symmetry
  • Balance of physique
  • Stage confidence
  • Abdominals for bikini
  • Marketable look
  • Body fat for Bikini Wellness
  • Matching Bikini Wellness criteria

What to wear

  • Two piece bikini
  • Must wear heels
  • No boots 

Scoring is split 70% physique based, 25% posing based, 5% other

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