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Pure Elite

Male Transformation - Manchester

Male Transformation - Manchester

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Pure Elite Male Transformation

There is no specific physique requirement for this category. The judging is based on the athletes body balance, proportions, symmetry and transformation.

Everyones Transformation is different. Everyone starts in a different place and ends in a different place. This category is not who is the leanest on stage. It is the whole transformation from start to finish.

Athletes supply a before picture which is shown on stage.

This category is not just for weight loss. We also have athletes that have overcome illness, disease, in recovery, accidents, injuries and more.


Athletes perform an I-Walk with 3 poses of choice, ending with a back pose.

Followed by the comparison round with mandatory poses.

  • Front pose straight on hands at your side
  • Side pose with left hand on hip and right leg slightly out to the back
  • Back pose double bicep
  • Side pose with right hand on hip and left leg slightly out to the back

Criteria for Transformation

  • Stage presence
  • Stage confidence
  • I-Walk
  • Poses
  • Quarter turns
  • Overall physique
  • Muscle symmetry
  • Balance of physique
  • Tan
  • Overall look
  • Transformation Journey

    What to wear?

    • Swim wear shorts
    • Barefooted
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